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In an absolutely hilarious article by Michele Kirk in BizPac Review, conservative activist Jason Mattera recently found himself in a position that a lot of conservative Americans with they could be in as he happened along Lois Lerner walking her dogs.

Unlike a lot of us, though, Mattera had the nerve to say things to Lerner that a lot of us can only fantasize about.

"Mattera brutally pummeled the shamed former IRS director with requests for an apology to conservatives for using the government as a weapon to target them. He taunted her by saying things like “How does it feel to be targeted? You don’t like it do you...

"Tax Tactics Threaten Public Funds" says New York Times' Eduardo Porter.

"When the European Commission charged this week that Ireland’s sweetheart tax treatment of Apple amounted to an illegal corporate subsidy, the company said that it had done nothing wrong. Apple executives might have added that whatever they did, they were not alone.

"Corporate tax strategies intended to minimize global taxes, by hook or by crook, are by now standard practice. Google and Facebook move money through Ireland to lower their taxes. Starbucks uses the Netherlands, a practice that is under review by Europe as well."

Here's the rest of the article - definitely worth your time - ...

Once again, the United States is flexing its military muscle in the Middle East. With Tomahawk Missiles flying and our unveiling to the world of the amazing F-22 fighter plane, one can't help consider the impact all this might have on domestic markets, i.e. your stock portfolio.

Interestingly, it isn't likely to have much effect at all, according to most pundits, and if it does have an effect, it will likely benefit your portfolio of domestic securities. And the professionals at Neikirk, Mahoney & Smith CPAs want you to get the best advice possible.

According to Mark Arbruster in Inside Investing, "With the stock market...

Mark Suster is a successful entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. He joined Upfront Ventures in 2007 as a General Partner after selling his company to Salesforce.com. This is a really good read for anyone considering opening a new business.

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today announced that the summer 2014 issue of the Statistics of Income Bulletin is available at IRS.gov. 

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service issued a consumer alert today providing taxpayers with additional tips to protect themselves from telephone scam artists calling and pretending to be with the IRS.
These callers may demand money or may say you have a refund due and try to trick you into sharing private information...

Today's Hot Accounting Topics - Inversions (cont.)
Our friends at Accounting Today have posted three related stories dealing with Obama's and congressional liberals' vendetta against accepted and legal businesses they don't like. Rather than paraphrase them, check them out yourself and draw your own conclusions.

The president is blaming CPAs for the trend towards corporate tax inversions.

That's is his opinion, I suppose, but in reality it's a technique accountants and accounting firms employ in their efforts to help American companies remain profitable as our tax burden continues to rise at a time when the economy might not have itself back on a sufficiently firm foundation to support continued growth after the worst recession/depression since the 1920s.

So what, exactly, is a corporate tax inversion?

If you don't know, you aren't alone. But suffice it to say that its one of the issues that gets the hackles up of those...

BY MICHAEL COHN, Accounting Today

Thomson Reuters has released a special report for tax professionals on how to respond to Internal Revenue Service examinations.

The report, Handling the Increasingly Common Automated IRS Examination, examines two compliance programs used by the IRS to address underreporting: the correspondence examination, also known as the “corr exam,” and the automated underreporter, or AUR, program.

In fiscal year 2013, the IRS conducted over 1 million corr exams and closed 4.1 million AUR cases, compared to 344,000 field exams, according to the report.

The report discusses these compliance programs, addresses problems associated with...

If you are, please accept a big pat on the back! But if you're like most people, you aren't ready.

Scary thought, huh? A couple or three thousand bucks a month if you've worked hard all your life and less if you haven't. If you're married, you can double it.

You're not going to buy any yachts with that kind of income but you won't starve or waste away on the streets...which is why Social Security is around in the first place. No politician wants to see old folks dying of starvation or malnutrition - kinda ruins the chances of re-election. So we have Social Security.

And it's a darn good thing we have it because we as a culture are pretty bad at saving money these...