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The Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers to be sure to notify your accountant or the Social Security Administration before they file their taxes if they have changed their own name or the name of

The Internal Revenue Service began accepting individual tax returns on Friday. 
Now that we’re into an all-important midterm election year, the Obama administration is turning up the heat on tea party groups and other conservative organizations, the very people who many say caused the
Tax planning very rarely makes it on people’s new year’s resolution lists.

Palatial mansions, multimillion-dollar artwork and a blockbuster financial scandal for a reclusive Wall Street billionaire

Here's the editorial from the New York Times in which they made their weak case for granting clemency to

Internal Revenue Service reports that it is losing billions of dollars to fraudsters every year from stolen or fraudulent Employer Identification Numbers, or EINs.

Some people look forward to December 31 because of the parties, the people and the abundant optimism for the coming year.