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How to Save Money on Taxes Tip 1

Tax refunds have been a big deal for most people for a very long time. Retailers even have sales based on tax refund payments. Problem is, if you are getting a nice tax refund, you've done something wrong and you've lost money.

If you have a $2000 tax refund, the net result is that you've given Uncle Sam an interest free $2000 loan for a year or more. Uncle Sam doesn't cut you any slack so why shoud you? Smartest strategy is to set your deductions so you can target a wash, i.e. you don't get anything back but you don't have to pay anything additional either. Ideally, you should plan your withholding and other tax tactics so that you either get a minimal refund or owe just a bit more in taxes after filing your return.

An April 15 wash is much easier said than done, but the tax professionals at Neikirk, Mahoney & Smith can prepare your tax returns and help you plan an appropriate tax withholding schedule to help stack the odds in your favor, not in the Internal Revenue Services'. 

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